Altered TCG Kickstarter Campaign

Altered TCG Kickstarter Campaign



« Help us make Altered the most funded Trading Card Game ever on Kickstarter. »
In 2023, we embarked on this unique adventure with a simple yet not-so-simple objective: help ensure the success of Altered’s Kickstarter campaign. Our goals were divided into two specific communication phases designed to support Altered towards becoming the most funded project in the Trading Card Game category on Kickstarter! 



During Fall 2023, we helped enhance the studio’s organic social media reach through branding campaigns. We developed a selection of audience segments, including core and adjacent, and used our first campaigns to test their responsiveness. In January 2024, we started to attract traffic to the website and collect leads that we reused throughout the crowdfunding campaign so that they would convert and thus back the project. 

The Kickstarter launched on January 30th and we went all out to support the first week’s organic excitement around the project. Subsequently, we continued to support the Kickstarter with an always-on campaign until the final 3-day rush during which we launched a branding campaign to remind those who had yet converted that it was not too late to join the hype train! 



Altered’s Kickstarter concluded on February 29th, breaking the record as the most-funded campaign in the Trading Card Game category, with over 6.2 million euros raised. 

Key achievements from our campaigns include the following:

  • 40% of the overall newsletter sign-ups on
  • 50% of visits during January
  • Over 110M impressions across all campaigns
  • 4.6 global ROAS 

This project allowed us to showcase our ability to design and execute successful media campaigns that significantly contribute to achieving record-breaking crowdfunding results.

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