Renault: Cosplayer Aboard

Renault: Cosplayer Aboard

Picture this: You’re in a major city at some gaming event, and someone walks by in a costume that’s 10 feet tall and 5 feet wide. It’s got lights, sound effects, and is clearly custom-made.

Did that person get here on public transport?…

Yeah. That’s how most people get around in Paris. The métro’s crowded, sweaty and unforgiving for space-hoggers. So for Paris Games Week 2018, which welcomed more than 316,000 people over five days, we wanted to help our fellow cosplayers out.

For Renault Sport, we launched #CosplayerAboard, a chauffeur service that took cosplayers to and from the event with ease, and in style.

To get on board, people shared their best cosplays with us via social. 30 winners were selected on Twitter and Instagram, then given a two-way ride in Renault Trafics—equipped with plenty of breathing room for their chosen alter egos.

As a tribute to how well we took care of them (and their costumes), one cosplayer, Glossy Cosplay, won second place in Paris Games Week’s cosplay parade!

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