Valorant: FragArtist

Valorant: FragArtist

If video games are art, who are the artists?
Developers, game designers, 3D crew… For sure!
But for First Person Shooters, what about the players, the gunslingers, the clutchers, the FRAG ARTISTS?

Especially on VALORANT, the tactical FPS that provides the most varied palette for players to be creative: aim, abilities, team composition…

In their quest of recruiting more & more FPS players, Riot Games’ French office decided to give all these FragArtists the campaign they deserved.

Starting with a teasing phase: 3 video ads mediatized to FPS players where famous influencers or pro gamers’ actions are magnified into art masterpieces with animated illustrations.

By showing them the beauty of clutch actions in VALORANT, we asked the FPS players to show their creativity on the game.

Of course, the talented FPS community did deliver & sent their most aesthetic VALORANT moves on socials.

The amount of in-game clips was so important we had to ask a jury of influencers to select the most beautiful ones, live on Twitch.

Finally, in order to give back some love to the FragArtist winners, their plays have also been magnified & transformed into real pieces of art.

Shoutout to Lalita, the ultimate FragArtist, delivering us the most aesthetic masterpiece according to the community:

An ode to the beauty of VALORANT from the trifecta (.media, .agency & .studio) putting the light on the creativity of the FPS community.