Digixart’ Road 96 Launch Campaign

Digixart’ Road 96 Launch Campaign

Indie studios usually have to go through this challenge at least once: managing to produce an amazing narrative experience but finding it difficult to communicate it to their targets. While a game may very well resonate with a specific audience, it is all for naught if it doesn’t reach the eyes and ears of said audience. Digixart was aware of that fact ahead of the release of their latest project: Road 96. After developing a game with a poignant story, it was time to make sure that the people who would identify with Road 96 were aware of its release.
And that’s where Hurrah.media joins in on the road trip. Our goals in working with Digixart was to increase the visibility of Road 96 ahead of its release, whether it is by reinforcing and supporting their social media presence, driving traffic to the game’s Steam and Nintendo shop pages, or promoting Digixart’s official website.


The first thing we got started on was developing a media plan running from April to September, taking into account all of Road 96’s success factors ranging from social media visibility, game awareness, online engagement, Steam wishlists, and website traffic.
Because we know that a good story can intrigue anyone, we split the media plan over 6 different social networks, from YouTube to Reddit and Tiktok, with every major social media platform in between. We finally ran audience tests by targeting players and gamers based on similar games or USP’s. These tests allowed us to hone in and focus on the most receptive audiences during key moments of the campaign. And just like that, the journey was very well on its way.


The strategy worked just as predicted, if not better. Digixart’s online presence exploded with 3.5 times more visibility and awareness on Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook thanks to paid media campaigns. However, just getting the game to the wide public would not be enough; we had to reach the audience that would feel most involved in and resonate with Road 96. And with twice as much engagement on Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram following the campaigns, not to mention a 91.5% positive review on Steam, all we can say is that, for this case at least, the journey was AS important as the destination!

Together, we told the stories of Road 96 characters encountered on Petria’s roads – and we loved every second of the journey.

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